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High Quality Custom Build-to-Order Books
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LogBook Store is a leading worldwide provider of custom build-to-order books. Our process and technology innovations enable us to produce extremely high quality books, made to your exact specifications, in small or large quantities, in record time. All this at prices often 30-40% less than the competition.

To demonstrate the strength of our sewn bound books we clamped one of our two tone laboratory notebooks to a door frame and did pullups hanging from another clamp attached to the the cover.

Our Scientific and Engineering Notebook Division specializes in manufacturing bound Custom Laboratory Notebooks, Engineering Notebooks, Record Books, and Log Books for the scientific, engineering, medical, and consumer products industries. We deliver a quality, archival-safe product, at a low cost, while giving you infinite content flexibility and we get your books to you fast. You no longer need to order large quantities of books to get a good price--with LogBook Store you can order low quantities and we will give you your annual volume price.

Our Specialized Book Division produces books and notebooks for virtually any requirement you can think of. From self publishing, textbook applications, photo books, unique log books, you name it. If you can think of it, we can make it.

Our Ad Specialty Division produces a wide variety of products to your exacting specifications that will wow your clients and employees. No matter what the challenge, our design staff works with you to produce products that enhance your companies unique value proposition.

With offices in Ohio, and London, England, we can quickly meet your needs across the globe.

Contact us today and see how our ability to quickly produce custom build-to-order books will change the way you think about books forever!

If you can imagine it, we can produce it.

Create a Custom Notebook
Add your logo to our standard notebooks with an order of 25 or more.
Full color graphic colors, spine book numbering, and page customization are
available for book orders of 50 or more.