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Custom Notebooks And Volume Purchases

a variety of custom books with different bindings, cover and sizes
  • Archival Quality Books Made to Your Exacting Specifications
  • Design, Printing and Binding... We Do It All!
  • Low Minimum Order Requirements
  • Books from Start to Finish in Just Weeks
  • Prices 10-30% Below the Competition
  • No Setup Charges...Ever
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A few possibilities...we can make virtually any book or notebook you can think of.


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Ideas for all formats:
Background Image
Book/Page Numbering
Table of contents
Color end sheets
Black and White Photos
Non-standard Fonts
Documentation Guidelines
Flexible Binding with Section Sewn pages Wire-0
Laminated Case Material Covered Case Hard Translucent Exterior
*(Wire-O only)


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Free Sample Books
sample request We will be glad to send you a free sample notebook if your company has more than 100 users of such notebooks (one sample per company). If you want us to make you a highly Customized Notebook, then please contact us about the possibility of getting a free sample.

Printing and Book Construction
Our proprietary technology and high tech manufacturing methods allow us to provide you with maximum content flexibility while doing away with the antiquated "economy of scale" approach to pricing (where you had to order large volumes to get good pricing). We specialize in hard backed case bound notebooks constructed by artists practicing the Old World art of bookbinding. Your book will be Section Sewn and printed on 24 lb. acid-free, archival safe paper. All the materials used in the construction of our books are of the highest quality and are selected based on their ability to stand the test of time.

Pricing and Quantities
LogBook Store's revolutionary approach to Custom Notebook production means you get a revolutionary approach to pricing. Because of our processes, you no longer need to order hundreds or thousands of books to get a good price. Great pricing can be had at virtually any quantity.

Delivery Time
Are you waiting months for your custom books to arrive? We can deliver large quantities of custom books in just weeks after you approve a first article sample of your book.

Quality Guarantee
Our books are constructed to the highest quality standards and we stand behind them with our Quality Guarantee. If you find a manufacturing defect we will replace your book free of charge.

Volume Purchases
If you are looking for a quote on a large volume of Custom Notebooks please click on the link below or call us.If you're not looking for custom books but are interested in large quantities of one of our standard books just contact us and we will be happy to quote your order.
Create a Custom Notebook
Add your logo to our standard notebooks with an order of 25 or more.
Full color graphic colors, spine book numbering, and page customization are
available for book orders of 50 or more.